atward is TVL's search service. It can be configured as a browser search engine for easy access to TVL bugs, code reviews, code paths and more.

Setting up atward

To configure atward, add a search engine to your browser with the following search string: Consider setting a shortcut, for example t or tvl. You can now quickly access TVL resources by typing something like t b/42 in your URL bar to get to the bug with ID 42.

Supported queries

The following query types are supported in atward:

When given a short host name (e.g. todo or cl), atward will redirect to the appropriate domain.


Some behaviour of atward can be configured by adding query parameters to the search string:

In some browsers (like Firefox) users can not edit query parameters for search engines. As an alternative configuration can be supplied via cookies with the same names as the configuration parameters.

The form below can set this configuration:

Source code

atward's source code lives at //web/atward.